Blackbreaks – Terra Nullius film clip

Album time! Welcome to ‘Golden Greats’

Yup we finally dropped. Blackbreaks ‘Golden Greats’

Available via the independent music friendly folk at Bandcamp, where you can choose your own price. Click the pic to get yours:

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Blackbreaks – Animal Spirits

Lyrics Post – Terra Nullius

Terra Nullius - cover art

Move away from the quarterdeck, what are you doing sailor?
We’re going to New Holland!
Rom-pom-pom-pom-pom pom-pom!
We brought our Union Jack!

And so begins the introduction of the Blackbreaks song “Terra Nullius”. With a yelling protagonist modelled on an angry Arthur Phillip circa 1788, the Commander of Britain’s “First Fleet” of convict laden ships bound for what is now known as Australia. Phillip was soon to become the first Governor of the fledgling colonial outpost.


Lyrics Post – Too Big to fail

Too Big To Fail.
Too big to fail single artwork

Release date – DECEMBER 2017.

Music by Kerry Foulke, Chris Dubrow, Matty McMartin

Lyrics by Chris Dubrow.


Gambling clientele coin, feeling no shame.
When we win we take the profit, when we lose we feel no pain.
Government backed, but nobody own us.
I ‘ll still suck on my end of year bonus..

(So let me hear you say)

Hot shot bankers, Clean cut traders.
You’re gonna bail us out when it goes to Hades.
We got the hammer while you hold the nail.
We’re too big to fail.

This is Blackbreaks 2018


Too Big to Fail – New Single Out now