Blackbreaks first ever dinner party

Blackbreaks formed in 2012 by Kerry Foulke and Chris Dubrow, primarily as a vehicle to write and play music and to avoid the harsh brutish reality of the modern world. Then shit started getting serious. Then more people joined the party.

It began with glorious chunks of our past bands: MM9, iNsuRge, Vae Victis, the Rum Jacks and some 412* years of combined rock experience.

This was thrown  together with some post punk – hi-tech- fa-didling,  and a final dash in equal parts of progressive politics, alt.rock arrogance, and agro-tech. And just what the frack would that all sound like?

Blackbreaks are based somewhere between Inner Western Sydney and The Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

Blackbreaks are fresh, Blackbreaks are fun. Blackbreaks –  come get some.

*may Include statistical variance of +/- 370 years, but who’s counting

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