Breaks Blog away – Australia’s brutality

Breaks Blog, lets rock.

What an unbelievable state of affairs we have here in Australia with our treatment of asylum seekers / refugees. Both major parties (Labor and Liberal) are guilty of being part of the setting up this horrendous regime, but the conservative Abbott government has taken it to new lows, pissing off Indonesia, and treating our other extremely poor neighbours, PNG and Nauru with exploitative contempt. 

This week despite an unprecedented cloak of strict media censorship details are starting to emerge of the gang violence that erupted at Australia’s PNG Manus island concentration camp. Looks like the plain evil security corporation G4S worked with the locals to pull down the fence so the gang could go on a bashing and machete slashing spree of inmates (sorry “clients”) resulting in scores of serious injuries and the abhorrent death of 23 year old Asylum seeker Reza Berati.

How the Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has not been forced to resign in shame, then put on trial for actively creating this situation is beyond me, but the reason why it is happening needs to recalled: This is all about looking cool for domestic Australian political gain.

The Abbott Government is proud of its tough-on-boats anti-asylum seeker policies because it knows the swinging voters in Australia’s  swinging electorates tend to be populated by lowly educated politically disinterested folks, who tend to get caught up in the mainstream media guff about all the terrorist Muslims coming and taking our jobs..  They tend to actually watch commercial television news, read the Murdoch papers, and god forbid listen to redneck shock jocks on talkback radio, and guess what, they all present the same racist fact-free story: That we must fear the unchristian dark-skinned heathens that will steal our way of life.

Doesn’t matter if it’s not true, don’t matter if most asylum seekers are found to be genuine refugees legitimately fleeing horrendous prosecution, don’t matter if this means Australia is  breaking international law by ignoring the United Nations Convention on Refugees problem that Australia has actually signed and ratified, and it certainly doesn’t matter that we keep pissing off Indonesia by our Navy “getting lost” and breaching Indonesia’s territorial waters, cos guess what Australia is tougher and harder than our neighbours, so who cares what they think, cos votes are to be won.

Would love to see the Labor party do something about this, but hey – they are chasing the same voters so watch them be really good at awkwardly saying nothing.. Welcome to Australia.

Chris Dubrow
Feb. 2014

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