Australain pre-grunge

So This week I have been causing a little trouble in the media with a blog post published in the Guardian on why I felt Nirvana were quite over rated when compared to the Australian scene from that period..

Well ok, i Implied that Australians invented grunge, maybe a touch over the top, but I assure you I was egged on for controversy by The Guardian and they were the ones that pushed the angle on Lubricated Goat in the title…  so none of this is my fault.. entirely…

But anyhow the best feedback I got was from many folks thanking me for shining the light on some neglected Australian underground talent. And there were many great artists that wouldn’t fit in, some right on genre some not so, but who cares. Check out:


  • GOD
  • Exploding white mice
  • Splatterheads
  • Kiss my poodles donkey
  • Yeah sure Nick Cave etc – but he aint exactly neglected anymore and Birthday Party and especially Bad seeds were mostly overseas back in those days
  • tactics
  • Lime Spiders
  • and many more – including the NZ brigade (names anyone?

Who else did I forget?

Chris Dubrow


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