What really powers democracy?

iraq solodiersI have only just discovered this video from a few years back, currently doing the rounds at r/Australia on Reddit.

What it shows is quite shocking proof that something, or someone else is writing the speeches of two of the closest allies of the USA – Australia and Canada.

The video shows the Prime Ministers of both countries giving the exact same speech in their respective parliaments, about their reasons for participating in the invasion and subsequent war in Iraq back in 2003.

At the time, reportedly the largest anti-war protests in Australia’s history were held across the nation. These rallies were even larger than the famous anti-Vietnam war marches in the early 1970s that helped sweep Labor’s Gough Whitlam into power – the first Labor government in a generation.

In contrast the Liberal John Howard government just ignored the protests in the 1990s and sent Australian troops into battle in a far off land with no Australian connection. Some were  killed.

And now, this video strongly implies why: it wasn’t the Australian people making this decision.

There was someone else writing the script and calling the shots.

No blood for oil!

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