Lyrics Post: Need Machines

Release: Need Machines

Available now!

Well folks we are very pleased to be able to announce this is gonna be the first new Blackbreaks single from the 2014 batch.

This song , a rather chunky lump of rock, explores themes such as the inherent emptiness of over-consumption, the modern Australian collision of overt political corruption and public existentialism, and the underlying motivational forces that spring from a need for love and acceptance.

Well it sort of does anyway..

– Need Machines – 

I see this city before me
Corruption runs through its veins
From judges out to the junkies
We humans all built the same

Need Machines
They keep us clean
Need Machines
Where you been?

We’re losing hope on this highway
And we’ve been having these dreams
I feel this temperature rising
Just where am I meant to be?

We take our pen and our paper
We try to write what we see
I’m feeling wasted on these fresh ideas
Ideas set us free

Freedom forms
Back of a dirty restaurant
Freedom forms
Turn it off turn it on

Need Machines
They keep us clean
Need Machines
Baby where you been?

Need Machines
Need Machines
Need Machines

– Chris Dubrow 2014

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