Spectrum EP Launch 21.11.14 Cancelled

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Unfortunately Blackbreaks have been forced to CANCEL our Sydney appearance and EP launch tomorrow night at Spectrum, due to singer Chris Dubrow having tested positive for Whooping Cough. This needs to be taken seriously as this disease is highly contagious and can be particularly dangerous – even fatal – for young children and newborn babies. You don’t want us singing on you. Really.

Just to clarify, despite rumours that he lives in Katoomba, Dubrow categorically states he is no anti-vaxxer and also strongly supports the scientific method. He is as eager to get well by completing his 5-day antibiotic course as the band is to reschedule an EP launch as quickly as possible.

Despite Blackbreaks’ cancellation, the night will still go on with powerful headliners ‘Self is a Seed’ along with Narla, and Rise Overrun from Queensland. Blackbreaks fans are strongly encouraged to support live music and witness this excellent line up.

For those that have pre-purchased tickets for the purpose of seeing Blackbreaks, we’re working out a way to make sure you guys are looked after so stay tuned for details. For more information the band can be contacted at blackbreaks@gmail.com.

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