New single: ‘Take Take Take’ now released

10383035_1595444480673487_6889822948127827128_nIntroducing our latest song, Take Take Take, now available as part of the ‘Songs for Gloucester‘ Compilation.

All funds raised from sales will go to both future community actions against Coal Seam Gas mining in the Gloucester region (NSW) and supporting protestors facing fines.

Blackbreaks support those on the front line protesting for you against rampant Coal Seam Gas mining particularly on prime agricultural land.

Why is CSG so bad? 1) It destroys the land. 2) It soaks up and poisons precious water supplies. 3) We do not need any more fossil fuels given the dire problem of Climate Change.

This compilation also features other great artists such as Ash Grunwald, Lime and Steal, the Lurkers, and many more. So go-go-go and get this fine music here:

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