The mother of all interviews

Hope y’all are ready for the mother of all interviews, by the wonderful folks over at Depth Perception Podcast (DPP)
with me, your forever shy and humble Blackbreaks singer Chris Dubrow.

Only the truly dedicated may wish tackle the full 2.5 hours. But for the slightly unhinged or Australian music history buffs – it may be worth it.

But more seriously, it’s an example of the ‘long form interview’ that the folks at DPP specialise in, a genuinely fresh and in depth approach to interviewing artists and musicians that works very powerfully, and is only made possible by modern technology such as affordable storage and the blog format.

In this episode I go into my development as a musician from childhood, the early years busking and growing up around the wild St.kilda scene, the ups and downs of my previous bands the Prostitutes, Soulscraper, and iNsuRge, and finally how I was drawn back into the creative life to create Blackbreaks.

The DPP blog is well worth checking over for other interviews with many great Australian artists.


One thought on “The mother of all interviews

  1. Started listening to it last night and next minute it’s finished. Found it a great interview and answered a lot of questions i had on Insurge over the years etc
    Some of my best memories of the 90’s were Insurge gigs always awesome. Was interesting to hear you were not totally happy with the sound on Globalisation. I remember at the time of release not digging it as much as PTTPP but as the years have gone on i find I play it quite regularly still as other albums have faded away in my collection.
    So fucking happy your still making music and one way or another look forwards to see either Insurge or more likely Blackbreaks live some time soon.

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