Need Machines Credits

A hungry llama eating brocolli

Hungry Llama

All Tracks

Recorded and Mixed 2013-2014 at Hungry Llama Studios, Sydney, Australia.
Produced by: Chris Dubrow and Kerry Foulke
Recording Engineer: Kerry Foulke
Mixed by: Chris Dubrow
Mastered by: Steve Smart @ Studios 301.

Track 1: Need Machines

Lyrics: Chris Dubrow
Music: Chris Dubrow, Kerry Foulke and Kieren Hills
Chris Dubrow: Lead vocal, Rhythm guitar, Bass guitar (dubs)
Kerry Foulke: Guitars, Programming, Backing Vocals
Kieren Hills: Bass guitar
Buddy Woo: Drums
Luke Ford: Additional Bass guitar

Track 2: One Thing More

Lyrics: Matt McMartin, Kerry Foulke
Music: Kerry Foulke, Chris Dubrow,  and Matt McMartin
Chris Dubrow: Backing vocals, Whispers, Rhythm Guitar, Arrangement
Kerry Foulke: Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Programming
Matt McMartin: Lead Vocals, Glockenspiel
Buddy Woo: Drums
Stevie Knight: percussion

Track 3: Raining Pleasure

Written by: David McComb, James Paterson.
Original track written and performed by The Triffids, featuring singer Jill Birt
Blackbreaks version:
Chris Dubrow: Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Noise loops, Programming
Kerry Foulke:  12-String guitar, FX tweaks
Kieren Hills: Piano, Glockenspiel
Vocals were recorded at Cream Studios, Blacktown, Sydney, Australia, and engineered by Anton.

Track 4: Got Nothing

Lyrics: Chris Dubrow
Music:  Kerry Foulke, Chris Dubrow
Chris Dubrow: Vocals, Programming
Kerry Foulke: Guitars, Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Jaw harp
Buddy Woo: Drums

Thank You:

Current members: Mark Avery (Live bass guitars) and Rick Austin (Live drums)
Past members: Kieren Hills (bass), Anthony Matters (drums), Fran Toller (drums) for putting in the hard yards.







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