Blackbreaks thank you, Stolen Bass returned

Mark "Milli" Avery almost cracks a smile, with his returned bass

Mark “Milli” Avery almost cracks a smile, with his returned bass

In a good news story for Australian musicians of all stripes, an overwhelming supportive online and community campaign has helped Blackbreaks get their much loved stolen bass guitar back.

After two months of uncertainty bass player Mark ‘Milli’ Avery (pictured) this week finally had his stolen Fender instrument back in his hands.

“Looks like it’s pretty damn hard to steal musical instruments these days,” claims a slightly crazily grinning Avery.

After discovering instruments had been stolen, the first thing singer Chris Dubrow did was post a message on the band’s Facebook page:

 “Unhappy News today. Yesterday Blackbreaks bass player Mark “Milli” Avery who many of you know around the Newtown traps, had the lock up at his flat broken into and his guitars stolen.”

“The one he really cares about is his main bass that he uses all the time: a Fender Precision Lite. Its not a super pricey thing, maybe worth around $1k, but it is his main tool of the trade, he has had it for a long time and he is understandably heart broken.”

The post went on to ask friends to keep an eye out for the instrument, and to share the post. The response took the band completely by surprise.

As Dubrow put it: “The response was just unbelievable, first our Sydney friends started sharing it, and then it picked up in Melbourne and beyond. Next it moved into the muso networks and everyone just kept sharing the shit out of it. Then I posted about it on Twitter, and we had similar explosion, even mainstream news journalists helpfully retweeted it. Facebook tells us that in the end the original post went out to nearly 25,000 people. If only our little videos were that popular!”

“The online community were also just incredibly supportive. People were looking everywhere. Some folks offered to lend us bass guitars, one bloke even offered to give us one he no longer used. Some also helpfully gave us advice on dealing with the hock shops (pawnbrokers) and how to report it to the police.”

There was one hiccup. As Avery had recently moved house he had trouble locating the guitar’s serial number and receipt he knew he had stashed away somewhere. No problem, said the online hive-brain, just go to the music shop and see if it is still on the records.

As Avery tells it: “As suggested, I went down to Smithys music shop where I bought the bass many years ago and the guys there were great. They trawled through years of records until they found it. The lesson for musicians is: mark your exact model and serial number down, scan your receipt, and store it somewhere online that is easily recoverable.”

Recovering the serial number eventually led to the instrument being located at a Sydney City Pawnbroker. NSW Police were then helpfully able to return the bass to its rightful owner. And Blackbreaks are pretty darn happy about it.

A Big thanks to the Australian music loving community for helping us out on this – Hoorays!

Come celebrate with us tonight in Sydney at Frankies Pizza, (Playing With Mr Blonde and Anatomy Class), or in Melbourne:

Friday 4th Sept – Lyre Bird Lounge (Melbourne)

Saturday 5th Sept – Brunswick Hotel (Melbourne)

Next show: Frankies Pizza Sydney – July 30

Click the image to go to the Facebook Event – and let us know if you are coming down!


Hotel Gearins show – whole lot of fun

Well that was a fun ride. And we raised over $700 for the House of Welcome. Sydney show next – Frankies Pizza July 30tg – with Mr Blonde and Anatomy Class. 

Here’s a little video of Katoomba

Live Shows: July 2015


New Video: “Take Take Take”

Lyrics are here


Lyrics Post: Take Take Take

Music by Kerry Foulke and Chris Dubrow

Lyrics by Chris Dubrow


You’re the fossil fuel pusher

You’re going straight to hell

You’re the evil snake that takes, takes, takes,

Ah baby, time will tell.


New single: ‘Take Take Take’ now released

10383035_1595444480673487_6889822948127827128_nIntroducing our latest song, Take Take Take, now available as part of the ‘Songs for Gloucester‘ Compilation.

All funds raised from sales will go to both future community actions against Coal Seam Gas mining in the Gloucester region (NSW) and supporting protestors facing fines.

Blackbreaks support those on the front line protesting for you against rampant Coal Seam Gas mining particularly on prime agricultural land.

Why is CSG so bad? 1) It destroys the land. 2) It soaks up and poisons precious water supplies. 3) We do not need any more fossil fuels given the dire problem of Climate Change.

This compilation also features other great artists such as Ash Grunwald, Lime and Steal, the Lurkers, and many more. So go-go-go and get this fine music here:

Back in the studio for 2015

Just a quick update to let ya’ll know we are back, we are once again all healthy.. well as good as can be expected for this rambunctious lot, AND we are now back in for a new big session at Hungry llama studios, with a fat bunch of new tracks to finish recording.

Thanks for all your support over 2014 folks.

This year will be even more fun. New gigs and releases to be announced soon.


Spectrum EP Launch 21.11.14 Cancelled

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Unfortunately Blackbreaks have been forced to CANCEL our Sydney appearance and EP launch tomorrow night at Spectrum, due to singer Chris Dubrow having tested positive for Whooping Cough. This needs to be taken seriously as this disease is highly contagious and can be particularly dangerous – even fatal – for young children and newborn babies. You don’t want us singing on you. Really.

Just to clarify, despite rumours that he lives in Katoomba, Dubrow categorically states he is no anti-vaxxer and also strongly supports the scientific method. He is as eager to get well by completing his 5-day antibiotic course as the band is to reschedule an EP launch as quickly as possible.

Despite Blackbreaks’ cancellation, the night will still go on with powerful headliners ‘Self is a Seed’ along with Narla, and Rise Overrun from Queensland. Blackbreaks fans are strongly encouraged to support live music and witness this excellent line up.

For those that have pre-purchased tickets for the purpose of seeing Blackbreaks, we’re working out a way to make sure you guys are looked after so stay tuned for details. For more information the band can be contacted at

Need Machines EP released today 14.11.14

The EP is finally released – via all major digital distribution methods.

Including via iTunes here OR via Google Play here